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Tourmi (08/2020), Male

Hello I am Tourmi, I was found during a TNR project run by LBS. They noticed I was super friendly and loved humans! I was living on the streets for my whole life, it was a cold and lonely life. Luckily the team were able to take me to the vets so I can join the shelter and finally find love.  

I’m a snuggly boy, I love humans and all the cuddles they give me! I was so cold and lonely on the streets, I can’t believe how lucky I am to experience a soft bed! Everything is so exciting, I love to nap with my best friend Ella, we explore everything together! I am playful and love to chase balls and anything that moves. I could run around all day if I have someone to play with! I can be a bit of an attention seeker, I will run over to you and demand love and affection.

I have a best friend, Ella, we lived on the streets together. She has already found her forever home. I am still looking for a place to call home, could it be with you?  

Tourmi was adopted abroad and he travelled in January 2022 to his forever home.

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