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Elvis (06/2023), Male

My name is Elvis and I was found and rescued along with my little brother Elliot. The lady who found us couldn’t adopt us but reached out to LBS shelter seeking for help. We arrived at the cat sanctuary when we were only 2 weeks old and needed full on care! Unfortunately, my brother Elliot didn’t make it due to underlying issues. I was very miserable and sad..His sudden death really hit me but I am strong and decided to fight and grow. I am an adorable kitten now looking for my forever family. 


I am the cutest little beast in the whole world! I am very wise and sharp, cuddly, super active and talkative! I will jump right into your arms to kiss you even if it is the first time I meet you! That is my main characteristic, I always did that, even as a small baby!! What can I say, I just love hugs! 

My favourite thing in the world is tossing the ball to me! I adore this game, I will chase it, bring it to you and wait until you throw it again to run and get it. I can do that for hours! I like playing with the others at the house but I am happy playing by myself as well, I don’t mind. I am really fun to watch especially when I am attacking myself in the mirror!! 

I will always choose to sleep on the bed next to you and enjoy the warmth of your arms. I really like food and I am a bit greedy, since always! Ohh, especially if we are talking about wet food! I don’t like being alone, I feel comfortable having lots of friends around me and if you try to separate me I will start crying. I am the most adorable kitten of the house with the most loving personality! I adapt very quickly to new surroundings and adjust to all changes around me.

I enjoy the big protected outdoor area as well and sunbathing feels amazing. I get to run and climb and sniff and explore a whole new world there. I make everyone’s heart melt with my sweetness! I love to run up to you and rub my little body all over your face. I am a fighter and a caring boy who is looking for a forever family, what do you think? Can my forever person be you? 

Elvis was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in July 2024.

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