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Marshmallow (2020), Female

Hello to you all! It’s a pleasure to introduce myself! 


My name is Marshmallow and I am a loving kitty with a terrible past. I was living on the streets until a couple of weeks back when a kind lady came across me and immediately realized I needed medical assistance and care. Both my ears were bleeding... She trapped me and took me to a vet clinic. The veterinarian took sample from my ears to do a biopsy and sterilized me in the meantime. The results of the biopsy unfortunately showed cancer leaving only one option.. they had to amputate both of my ears. I was unbelievably sweet and loving from the moment I was trapped. My rescuer reached out to Let’s be Smart seeking for their help and they organized for my operation and some important tests a few days later. The surgery was thankfully successful and I am perfectly imperfect now!! i received treatment for internal and external parasites and stayed at the vet clinic for 2 nights after my surgery. Once I was cleared by the veterinarian and ready for discharge, the Lbs team picked me up! Fortunately, they couldn’t bear the thought of leaving me out on the streets after all I had been through so they decided to keep me and make me part of their kitty family! Woohoo!!! I was so happy!!

Two weeks after my operation the veterinary removed the stitches and my E. Collar! I am now healthy, happy and impatient to find a loving permanent home! 


I am super sweet and tender but also confident and strong! Despite the challenges I have faced I am a very happy and content kitty who is ready to conquer the world and enjoy my life in safety! I adore humans and cuddles make me very very happy. I like snuggling on soft fluffy blankets and adores neck scratches. When I see you sitting on the couch I will immediately approach you and want to lay on your lap. I don’t have any specific favorite area I hang out during the day but if you are somewhere around I will follow you and want to be in your close proximity. 

Although I was a stray until recently and didn’t have the luxury to enjoy playtime I have discovered that playing with people or with toys is super fun and amusing! I love wet food but will kindly wait for my portion. I adapted perfectly to being an indoor kitty and having lots of different people around me but I am not yet comfortable around other cats. I don’t like being close to others of my kind and will try to avoid any contact. I have only been with the lbs team and at the sanctuary for a short period of time and I am still adjusting to all the changes in my life so my tolerance towards other kitties might soon change. 

For now, though, I am looking for a home where I can be comfortable and won’t have to share my living space with others. I would like to find a home where I can finally relax, enjoy my peace and safety and know I will never be alone again. I have gone through so much in my life so far and deserve to feel loved and supported. 

Marshmallow was adopted locally in May 2024. 

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