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Bigfoot (09/2019), Male

Hi I’m Bigfoot! I was a stray living on the streets with my sister. Someone would feed us and check on us, but one day we got attacked by a fox. Sadly my sister didn’t make it, I was the lucky one to survive. They couldn’t put me back as I would get attacked again so the vets asked LBS if they had room for me.  

As my name suggests, I’m a big boy! I love all humans that I meet! They really are the best. I am so affectionate I just can’t get enough of cuddles. I will smush myself against you, rub all over you and give the best kisses ever. I realy like to talk to you too, I will meow and chirp for food, love, just to have a chat really! I’m a big squish, I will roll around on the floor showing you my belly until you tickle it.

Because I love humans so much, I get jealous of other cats. I don’t really like them that much so I need to be the only cat in the house. I want all the attention for myself! Food is great, I love any type of wet food, it tastes so good! Playtime is cool, I mainly play when I’m by myself, I’m good at keeping myself entertained. If there’s a human around I’ll just want cuddles instead of playing.

I’m a very chilled out boy, all I want is someone to spend all their time with me and give me so much love, just by myself. Is that too much to ask?

Bigfoot was adopted abroad and he was travelling to his forever home in July 2022.

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