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Blueberry (06/2021), Female 

Hi everybody! I am Blueberry and together with my two sisters we are known as Berry kittens. We used to live in a big park in Varkiza with our mum, but as it goes, we became really curious and started to roam on the streets and around cars. That is when people from Let’s Be S.M.A.R.T., who fed us on a daily basis, decided that we are no longer safe and offered us a nice comfortable home with food available 24/7. What a life.


I am the bravest and most curious from my sisters, I love to discover new things and observe my surroundings. I was the first one who came out with my mum to the feeding station, my sisters came out one by one few days later.


I love to play as every other kitten. We used to play a lot with my sisters, but now I discovered toys and I am really hooked. Little balls are the best, I am really good at chasing those. I really do enjoy play with small rattle mice, though very often they disappear under the couch or under some cabinets and I cannot reach them. Then I go and ask somebody to get them for me. Not long after I became an indoor cat, I discovered a big flat thing where there are birds eating and jumping all around. I absolutely love that program and can watch it for a long time, usually until I am too tired.


I am very active girl, but when I am tired, I just like to snooze for a bit, especially near my mum or my sisters. Nice soft pillows and mats are new to me and though they are not as nice as cool fresh grass, I really like to sleep or just stretch out on them. I like to climb and I found out, that when you manage to climb all the way up the cat trees, there is usually a nice soft bed on the top. What a spot!


I am looking for a nice safe home preferably with my sister Raspberry with whom I am quite close to. We are a great team together and I am sure you would love our antics. We certainly do.  So what do you think, can we be yours?

Blueberry was adopted abroad and she travelled to her forever home in February 2022.

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