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Danny (03/2018), Male

Hello my name is Danny! I was living at the bottom of an apartment block being cared for by the LBS team. I was super friendly and would be there every day to say hello and ask for breakfast. So the team decided to bring me in to find me a home where I could always be safe. I’m a super loving boy, new environments are a bit scary for me so I need time to get used to it. But once I feel settled I LOVE cuddles! I will make biscuits on any surface I can find and rub my face on anything I can see to let you know I am ready for some love! I like to sit up high and watch the world go by, a nice cosy corner all to myself I love.


Some soft blankets are super, I love to get as snuggly as possible. I love food too, the fancy stuff please! I will love you forever if you get me some chicken or fish, I have expensive tastes! I can get overwhelmed by big noises and a busy environment, so I would like to find a nice quiet peaceful home where my brother Petey and I can live together. We’re besties and would love to stay together forever!


Danny was adopted abroad an he travelled to his forever home in January 2024.

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