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Max (06/2021), Male

Hi my name is Max! I was rescued from the Wildfires here in Greece, I was so scared! I found some cat friend and we hid all together until help came and saved us. I am a gentleman! I am super sweet and affectionate and I love human company! I love to talk to you through my meows, so look forward to some great conversations! Attention is great, I love to be the centre of it. Cuddles, playtime everything with humans is so much fun.

I am a gentle player and I love to find toy mice and balls to chase. But if there is a human around, forget it, all I want is affection! I don’t mind other cats, but I want to be the king of the house where all the focus is on me so if I can be an only cat that would be great. 

I also need to stay indoors, due to my history as a stray I want the comfort and safety of a house or an enclosed garden to call my home!

Max was adopted locally in January 2021.

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