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Chilli (07/2021), Male

Hello there! My name is Chilli and I am a super cool chilled out cat. Me and my family lived in a park near a stray cat feeding station. After a while, when I got braver, I started to roam further, often outside of the safety of the park and also on the road, especially with my brother Pepper. It became too dangerous for the two of us, so we were taken from the streets and given chance for a new safer life.

I am a very friendly and easy-going cat. I love to be stroked and petted. The only thing I am not comfortable with yet is being lifted up and carried around. Maybe I just need more time to get used to it. I believe that one day I will discover the world, I am extremely curious and I have to see everything there is. I love playing, with all kinds of toys, but especially with my brother Pepper or other kitties. I like to show how handsome I am so when I feel great, I will show it with my stunning tail held up high.

I fell in love with soft beds, don’t take me wrong, grass or fallen leaves are great too, but nice fluffy pillow is just waaaay better. Especially when it is cold outside. Food? Did you mention food? YES! I looove food and I am able to do pretty much everything for a nice treat. I grew up as a stray cat after all, so I know what does it mean to be hungry and I hope I will never experience that again.

I would be really happy if I can find a place with another feline friend or if I can go with my brother Pepper with whom I am quite close to. I am a really sweet boy, I hope that you just fell in love with me and that you can give me my forever home.

Pepper (07/2021), Male

Hello everybody! My name is Pepper. I came from the streets of Varkiza, a nice little town near Athens. I grew up with my four siblings and mum in a lovely private park. However, when we got older, we needed to discover the world and we all started to roam further and further away from the safety of our little home. Luckily, we lived very close to the stray cat feeding station and one day our mum showed us where to find some food. Since then, we stayed close by a lot. I was really intrigued by humans, especially the ones who kept bringing the food and I became extremely friendly and quite attached to them. I liked to follow them when they were leaving, so I was very often found walking or running on the road. I guess that was why they decided to take me into the foster home, because it was just too dangerous for me to run on the busy road like that.

I do love people; I make friends with them really quickly. I am extremely cute and everybody just fell in love with me instantly. I really enjoy following humans wherever they are going and even come when they call for me, especially if they have something interesting to eat. I adjusted to my new life really quickly and I think that I already tried all soft beds and pillows in my foster home.

I looove cuddles very much, also a lot of stroking and petting. I am really good at snuggling in with someone, it is really a nice feeling to curl up next to my friends on a nice soft bed and just have a nap for few hours. I am very close to my brother Chilli, but I can be with any feline friend. I don’t really like to be alone, you see.

I hope that you like to play, because I am really good at it. I run and jump and climb and really just simply enjoy my new life.

Did you fell in love with me too? Good. All I want is my own forever home where everybody will adore me and take good care of me. I am one amazing little cat who deserves to be happy and safe. In return, I will love you unconditionally.  

Chilli and Pepper were adopted abroad and they travelled to their forever home in February 2022.

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