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Gretchen (06/2018), Female

Hello ladies and gentlemen, thank you for being here, reading my story. It means the world to me because I am looking for a special person to become my forever friend and that person might be you!! I can’t wait to tell my story, well here it is! Firstly, my name is Gretchen, and I was rescued from the island of Hydra from one of LBS's supporters. She found me on the streets and did not want to leave me behind for the winter as I was very thin and needed medical attention, so she took me in and brought me to the shelter where I am currently staying until I find my forever home. 


I am a very sweet lady and a very friendly and social girl! I don’t really care about other kitties, I wouldn’t say dislike them but I don’t have best friends either, at least for now. I am brave, I don’t get spooked easily and I am a confident cat. Even though I have spent my previous years as a stray, roaming around the streets I adapted to the shelter life very quickly. It feels like home, the cats are treating me amazingly and the people are lovely so I immediately felt comfortable.


I am one of those souls who likes to have a hiding spot which I can use whenever I need some alone time and at the shelter this hiding spot is a big box. 


I love to play especially if playtime involves different types of toys and I am happy to play by myself. Food is something I absolutely adore and something I have missed over the years, when living on the streets. I don’t mind what food it is and I am very grateful for anything that is provided to me. 

Sunbathing and relaxing on the netted balconies are two of my favourite activities and I spend quite a few hours of the day there. I also enjoy walking on the rails on the balcony. I adore cuddles all over my body and I am super affectionate and attentive! If you pet me and get distracted and stop, I will certainly seek for more by rubbing my face against you! 


In one sentence: I am a sweetheart who meows really loud when I want something! My past wasn’t easy, I had to have a few teeth removals when I arrived and was very thin, but I am slowly gaining weight and strength. 

I am a loving kitty who really deserves a second chance in life and your life will be a lot better with my whiskers and playful character by your side. 

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