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Thar (04/2021), Male

Good day, my name is Thar, after one of the big deserts in the world. I am one of the five kittens that got a collective name Desert kittens, since our mum´s name is Sahara.


We were a happy bunch with our mum, until one day we were thrown out by a human on a busy street of a beautiful town Varkiza. I and my sister Gobi were separated from the rest of our siblings. We were really scared, so we hid in nearby bushes. Luckily, Let´s Be S.M.A.R.T. team found us after few hours and before we got lost completely. They reunited us with our whole family including our mum. Now we all are safe in the foster home.


I am very special little kitten. From the beginning, I was really brave and the most curious of all my siblings. I was very confident around humans and even now, I am usually the first to interact with people when they come to visit us. They can stroke me and cuddle me, I really enjoy that.


I am a climber, that is who I am, higher, the better. In fact, I was found while climbing on a big tree.  I love to climb the cat trees, scratching posts and even humans if that helps me to get to the more elevated places. I really love to see everything from the top. Adventure and the world, just wait for me, I need to discover everything!


As every other kitten, I love to play, with everything and everybody who wants to join me. You know what is really fun? Playing in the litter box, especially with some of my siblings. After few tiring games, I sleep like a little angel, I just love to take over some fluffy pillows and cat beds and you won´t even know I am in the room.


Everyone, who met me, fell in love with me immediately. I am after all a very good and beautiful little girl. I am very attentive and I really love attention. Will you be interested to give me my forever safe and loving home? We can go on new adventures together.

Thar was adopted abroad and in September 2021 he travelled to his forever home.

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