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Ninja (07/2020), Male

My name is Ninja and I am a beautiful young cat found at the trash cans in the village of Nimborio by a lucky passer-by who stopped to feed some strays. I was paralyzed from the waist down and was dragging my back legs and tail, covered in dirt and open wounds. Luckily, I was in good spirits despite the unbearable pain I felt for days, being in that horrible situation. The vet who examined me did some initial X-rays to see the damage, and found a bullet lodged close to my spine. There was also an issue with my bladder and some nerve damage that prevented me from urinating normally.

My blood tests were positive for FIV, but negative for a host of other things, and I was responsive to stimuli on my back legs. They decided that in order to give me the best chance at survival they needed to further explore my injury with a CT scan. All together raised a big amount of money working with the Animal Welfare Society of Karystos and very generous donations from friends and sent me to Athens for my scan.

After an orthopedic surgeon looked over the results, he decided that removing the bullet would give me a good chance to repair my bladder and potentially restore my ability to walk. So the operation was organized and I have been constantly trying to lift myself and put weight on my back legs afterwards. I am also under physiotherapy sessions!!

I have a huge appetite for both food and love, and spend all day eating, sleeping and purring. Despite my injuries, I am extremely patient and easy to work with, gentle and loving. I am very friendly towards other cats, I tend to just hang out near them and mind my own business. I am very friendly towards humans as well and enjoy strokes and head scratches. I adore cuddles and seek for human interaction!

Despite everything I have faced, I am very loving, sweet and trust humans! I love to chill and spend my days in a calm mood laying in my favourite place, in a box at the bottom of a cat tree. I was a stray cat for many years so it’s no wonder I enjoy spending time on the outdoor protected areas of the cat sanctuary feeling the fresh air and the warmth of the sun rays on my furr.

I also get very happy over delicious wet food and always show my appreciation. I am a very sweet boy who has been under terrible pain in the past and deserve all the love I can get! I love ear scratches and will rub my face towards you asking for more and more affection!

My condition has greatly improved since I first came under the care of LBS team and although I needed to be expressed to pee when I first arrived, I am perfectly capable to use the special litter box on my own now!! I know that my situation can seem difficult and I am not on the top of the list with the most adoptable kitties but I do deserve a chance to feel loved. I am so gentle and loving and if you love me once I will love you ten times more. You will not regret adopting me!!!

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