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Luna (07/2022), Female

Hello world! After being rescued from the streets and having spent sometime at the LBS shelter I would like to introduce myself! I am a very lucky lady, even though I didn’t have a very good start in life. I was rescued by a very kind lady after roaming around an abandoned building. I was scared, alone, separated from my family and very hungry. I don’t really know how I ended up there but luckily, my rescuer spotted me and didn’t look the other way. She put some tasty food in a carrier for me and I went straight inside as I was very hungry. After staying at the vet clinic for a few days, getting some necessary tests I was moved to cat heaven (LBS shelter) on 26/09/2022.

I am a very sweet kitten who is very friendly with humans. I easily make friends with other cats and I am very social!

I love to spend time with either humans or cats and don’t really enjoy spending time alone. I  need interaction and I am very affectionate as well. I am very young so I am curious about the world and love to explore new places, areas and surroundings. I am also super playful and love to play with small toys like tiny mice and rattle balls! I am a brave sweetheart that loves cuddles, especially during the evenings. I will approach you, seeking for strokes and won’t stop until I feel satisfied by your love! I have a big appetite and love wet food!


I am relaxed and easy to handle and when I feel comfortable I purr a lot! I am sharing my space with another kitten for now, named Sneaps and we love to play together! I can play rough sometimes but that is only because I am a kitten and still learning how to behave and be a lady! I was very lucky to be saved and removed from the streets and I am happy at the shelter because life here is amazing. Lots of food, treats, many many cuddles and soft blankets are my daily life now but I would love to get adopted and be the princess of my own castle where I can grow and make beautiful memories with my forever person!


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