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Boira (5/2022), Male 

Hello my name is Boira and I was rescued along with my brother Neula.


I am an amazing sweet young guy,very chilled and laid back in general. I like cuddles and strokes and I am very friendly towards people! I also love spending time on my own and enjoy my private space! I like playtime and especially if that involves toys with feathers!


I am very loving and can spend long time grooming my brother. We share a special bond and would like to get adopted together so we don’t get separated! Even though we were both in isolation for a while I am very gentle and very easy going! I am easy to handle, even while being given medication. Last but not least I am incredibly handsome as you can see! Me and my brother are very lucky to live at the LBS foster home but at the same time look forward to meet our forever family!!

Neula (5/2022), Male 

Hello my name is Neula and I was rescued along with my brother Boira. I am an amazing boy, very friendly towards people who love cuddles! I adore to spend time around people and will show you when its time for strokes by turning upside down and showing off my lovely belly!  I purr like a machine when people are petting me or when I come into their bed for some cuddles.   


I am in general a very sweet young kitty. I like to spend time playing with toys and especially small furry balls and stick toys with feathers hanging! I am more active than my brother, also more independent.

I adore my brother Boira and we can spend hours cleaning and grooming each other and sleeping next to each other! We also find comfort in each other when we get scared or don´t feel well.  One of team members call us “royal babies” and we really look like royals!

I am extremely handsome and very special as I have two different colored eyes! I would love to get adopted with my brother because we share a very special bond!!

Boira and Neula should be adopted together.

Boira and Neula were adpted abroad and they travelled to their forever home in September 2023. 

Photo gallery - Boira

Photo gallery - Neula


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