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Chrissy (01/2018), Female

Hello I’m Chrissy! I was found living on the streets in a terrible condition. I was emaciated, starving with a mouth full of ulcers so I couldn’t eat. The humans that was feeding me thinks I had just given birth, but she never saw any kittens so it’s likely they didn’t make it. I was terrified of her in the beginning, but she would visit me every day and feed me until I began to trust her. She could finally take me to the vets and they found out I had a upper respiratory infection, bad teeth and needed a lot of treatment. I was on antibiotics for over a month, had surgery to sterilise me and remove my bad teeth. After that I started to feel better and recovered so well! When I was all better I came to LBS to start my new life.

I am a very sweet and talkative lady! My meow is rather loud and I love to talk to you, tell you about my day and say hello when I have missed you!

I will rub myself all over your legs until you cuddle me, and meow at you until you pay me attention. In the beginning I am shy, new environments scare me and I need time to adjust. A few days in a safe place with good food and time I will realise how lovely humans are! Once I am out of my hiding place I am super friendly and love everyone! I like to stay where I know I will get the most attention.

I don’t mind other cats, but I don’t really like them that much. I am a gentle and calm soul so I need my own space and time to relax. If they get too close I won’t like it very much. So Ideally I will be the only animal in the house.

Food is amazing! Treats I will do anything for, if you have them or wet food I will be your best friend all the time. I am such a sweetie, I would love to find a home all to myself!

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Chrissy is sponsored by Teresa R. (Germany)

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