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Penelope (Penny) (05/2022), Female

Hey my name is Penny! I was born a street cat and my address was the outside of a Greek taverna. When I was almost 2 months old, I was very scared and my mouth and tooth really hurt, so I hid myself under a table away from everyone. Thankfully, my hiding place wasn’t a very good one and a nice lady who saw I was not able to eat, took me to the doctor.  Turns out I had something called Stomatitis, a rotten molar and on top of that Pneumonia, Mwow! So, now things got better, but for a month I had to take Antibiotics, yuk! They took out my bad tooth and made sure the rest were nice and sparkly.

Although I may be a beautiful, green eyed Aegean cat, I haven’t let it go to my head. I am still a little shy and reserved, so I am happy to silently observe my playmates, wait for my turn for quiet human affection and alternate that with long cozy naps!  I am very sweet when getting petted and look content! I am very friendly towards other cats, I don’t bother anyone and everyone else is obviously sensing that so they don’t bother me either!

I am what you humans call a ‘wall flower’ of any group, but I am not overwhelmed by it at all - I like to sit contently and observe. If there is only one fellow room-mate, then chances are I will be rubbing noses, twisting tales and snuggling up in no time. I am more of an intellectual kitty and playtime is not something super interesting to me! Sometimes though I like sitting inside the kitty tunnel placed on our protected balcony, which gives me privacy but also the warmth of the sun! Occasionally, I have a little run inside! I would love to get adopted and can’t wait to create beautiful memories with my forever family!


I have been tested positive for FIV so it would best to be housed with another FIV positive kitty or a low energy and calm one!

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