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Darren (03/2017)

*chirp* Hello *chirp*

My name is Darren but my friends at the foster home call me Chirpy, because I have the most amazing chirp in place of those regular old meows. I’ve been living at the Let’s Be S.M.A.R.T foster home since March 5th 2021 but am no stranger to the amazing staff and volunteers. When I was still a street cat I used to see these really cool people every single day, they came to feed me and give me pets, I even used to join them for a walk around the block if I wasn’t too busy watching bird or napping in the sun of course. It’s pretty special that after getting to know me they though that I would make a great feline companion for someone, so now, I’m looking for my new forever family!

I LOVE to be around people, the more attention the better is my motto! I’m also a bit of a sassy boy and sometimes like to play hard to get, mostly just around new people though because once we are properly acquainted I will be your shadow and follow you wherever you go, chirping all the way. I get along great with my fellow feline pals at the foster home, our evening playing before bed is my favourite! I am top of the class at chasing the feather toy on the pole and can jump pretty high to catch it, if I do say so myself. My human foster friends say I’m a funny boy and that they are never bored with watching my goofy nature, when they call for me I will go to see what’s going on and when I chirp for them, they always respond too.

I really love to be outside but am a pretty good escape artist, so if my new forever home could have a safe outdoor space I would love to watch the birds with you or even just have a nap in the sun.

I’m really just looking for a family that has lots of time for me, who would love to spoil me and give me lots of love. I promise that I will be the best chirpy boy you have ever met! 


Darren was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in July 2021. 

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