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Espresso (08/2021), Male

Hi my name is Espresso, I was living on the streets with my siblings, we were only kittens and struggling to survive. We were being fed but LBS decided they wanted to take us off the streets to keep us safe from harm. It was very scary in the beginning, we were’t used to being around humans but we are making amazing progress!

I’m a very handsome young and sweet man! I’m curious and to give you a good sniff and figure you out. Once I trust you, there is never enough love you can give me. I will literally roll/move around, wanting simultaneously for you to be rubbing my stomach, my head, my whole body basically! So it can be busy! You can't help but laugh throughout all this, as I do rolly pollies and funny antics. My purr is so loud. I love playtime and will play with anything, daily enjoyment is chasing the mop and pulling things out of cupboard when it opens. I will follow you around and try to get in-between you and what you are doing because I love the interaction! I love my room-mate Erica, so I am really sweet towards her and we often sleep cuddled together. She’s a really great pillow and the best play mate ever!

I am just one of those cats that give you total adoration, but I am so adorable myself that it's a win win for both!

I have soft fluffy hair that I like to keep looking good so I can impress all the ladies! Being stroked and cuddled is one of my favourite things ever now. If you stop, I will follow you until you start again.

I can be a cheeky boy too, I love to play and run around chasing balls, or my friends! I would love a kitty friend so I need a home with at least one cat to play with and snuggle with. Food will always motivate me! I am greedy and I LOVE wet food. I will do anything for it, I’ll sing to you, bat my long eyelashes until you give in and give me some treats!

I’m such a sweetheart I would love someone to realize and give me love!

Espresso was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in September 2023.

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Espresso is sponsored by Natalia P. (Colombia) 

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