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Chess (01/2019)

Hi, my name is Chess. I was a stray living on the streets of a busy town, it was a scary life. I was afraid of humans but some really nice people were feeding me so I liked them. I’m such a handsome boy they caught me and took me to the shelter to finally be safe.

After living on the streets for so long I need time to get used to a new environment, it’s so strange being indoors! I can be shy and I like to get to know you first before I decide I like you. Food helps, I love wet food so if you have some then we can make friends faster. I’m a handsome man and like to keep myself clean and always looking my best. I have luscious long fur and it takes a lot of grooming to stay this good looking! I am looking for someone to give me the time and patience I need to gain confidence and become a friendly and loving cat. 

Chess was adopted abroad and in April 2021 he travelled to his forever home.

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