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Freddy (03/2022), Male

Hello my name is Freddy and I was living on the streets, hanging out with some older cats before getting rescued. I was always very friendly and was seeking for cuddles since I was a baby! I started getting closer to humans but some people didn’t really like me so a kind human stepped in and removed me from there. I went to the LBS shelter to be safe and I am looking for my forever human now!!


I am the sweetest and most handsome black boy!!I am sleek, shiny, and independent. I like other kitties and mostly get along with everyone but I would also love to be in a household of my own where I can enjoy all the attention in the world and feel like a true king. I might even feel happier being on my own with my true forever human!

Laying on the hammock enjoying some peace and quiet is one of my favorite things to do during my day. I am very kind and tender and although I am very greedy with food I won’t be meowing the loudest to ask for it!! I am young, playful and enjoy hanging out on big soft scratching posts. I am one of the few cats that will offer you my belly to scratch after only knowing you for a few seconds. I am a master at chilling and will sleep a bit everywhere during the day. In the morning I usually come seeking for snuggles, I absolutely love cuddles and will purr my heart out. I have a very good character in general and like to hang out on the balcony and observe the world go by! I would love to get adopted and have a family of my own!

Freddy was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in March 2024.

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Freddy is sponsored by Shella (U.S.)

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