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Lea (06/2022), Female

Hi, my name is Lea. I am a very friendly, easy-going kitten, although I am already 7 months old. When I first arrived to LBS Foster Home, I was very shy and scared of other cats in Foster Home. I hid and would deter other cats from approaching me by hissing at them. To my surprise, other cats were not hissing back as they simply tried to make acquaintance with me by smelling me. Kind humans in foster home did their best to make me feel safer. Indeed, their head scratches and caresses helped me feel more secure and confident and I ventured out to explore the foster home little by little when there was a human next to me. Soon I made friends with other cats. Another kitten about my age, Nikitas, was especially amicable and we bonded quickly. On the second day after my arrival I was already sleeping out in the open, often next to Nikitas.

Now I am feeling very comfortable and secure in the foster home. I enjoy playing with other cats and I am always up for the cuddles with humans. Sometimes I even crawl under a blanket to cozy up to a human when it’s bed time. I am hoping I’ll find my forever home soon where I will get cuddles every day. Apart from love, I also need lots of playful interaction with a human or another young cat like me.

Lea was adopted abroad and she travelled to her forever home in March 2023.

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