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Amadeus (5/2022), Male 

Hello my name is Amadeus and I was found roaming alone in a lobby of a hotel in the south suburb of Athens! As most kittens I am full of  energy!


My  body and my mind are growing and everything is new to me. I love to climb on humans and love to play with toys, especially with small balls and stick toys. My curiosity and excitement about the world around me may manifest as hyperactivity! I am also very brave for my age and like to attract attention! I am very friendly towards all people and all cats.


I  love to spend time playing with the rest of the kitty family and especially Marty, he is a very good friend of mine. When I am in cuddly mood I am really adorable and enjoy strokes and kisses. Funny fact: I can bite a bit hard when playing sometimes so humans are teaching me boundaries for now as I didn’t have the opportunity to learn from my mom!


 have one of the cutest faces you have ever seen! I sleep in very funny positions and mostly sleeping on my back and showing my fluffy belly (when I do, nobody can resist and not bend over to give me a kiss). I look forward to get adopted, travel to another country and meet my forever person!

Amadeus was adopted locally in October 2022.

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