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Ricky (03/2017)

Ricky has been living on the streets in Varkiza. He got a bad cold and we decided it was time to take him in, get him well, and let him live safe and sound at the sanctuary. He is a complete love bucket, always purring, very trusting and human friendly. He has a gorgeous ginger long haired coat. Ricky was adopted abroad and on May 29, 2018 he was travelling to his forever home.

We were happy to receive following lines from Ricky's new family:

"Ricky is good, he is sooooo sweet .. He loves to cuddle, kiss and sleep on my chest. Ricky has been sitting together with me and Bunbun (the other cat in the family) on the couch since the second day, and he is curious..... I bought a scratching post with basket that my deceased cat Kummy and Bunbun never used and Ricky uses it as his throne. He loves it there.... Ricky is really beautiful elegant cat, my daughter call him Louis Vuitton cat, means priceless cat :-) ...."


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