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Sphinxy (2022), Male

Hey wanna hear a riddle?? Cause I’ve been named Sphinxy for a reason. Although humans are a riddle to me also, and that’s why I used to sit and observe them at that construction site while they were working, how can you not just enjoy the sun like me? Well, I was lucky to be found and now just spend my sunny days with all my new friends safe with lots of food and cuddles.

I absolutely adore cuddles and my purr is so loud that my happiness is too obvious to be a riddle to anyone. I found my way into the hearts of everyone that has met me and I know I will find my way into your heart too cause my charm is irresistible!

I am one of the prettiest cats you'll ever see and I am growing into a dapper gentleman with a goofy personality!

I am the most playful baby you will ever come across! I am not a kitten but my energy never stops! I love playing with all the other cats, especially the younger ones as we share the same interests! One of my favourite things to do is to play with the sheets when you have to change and put fresh ones! I certainly have a thing for hair ties and can play for the longest time with them. 

I am cheeky and brilliant! I only know two moods and both are great!! I will either feel cuddly and seek for love, pets and strokes or be in playful mood and enjoy everything in my way. I adore food and if you let me I will probably just eat all the food in the world!

Most of the day I am in playing mood and I am running around, except for the sunny days when I just sit and enjoy the sun on top of a cat house out on a balcony, I am very friendly with kids and would to become member of someone’s family. When I am in the mood to cuddle I will prefer that you hold me and I will give you kisses and purr, purr, purr! I am the sweetest cat and will make a family very happy!


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