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Lucyanne (05/2019), Female

Good day, my name is Lucyanne. I was dumped on the top of the hill behind small touristic town Varkiza near Athens. Two ladies went up for a sunset view, but they found me instead. I was around 50 meters away from them, but when I heard them, I tried slowly to come back to them. I am completely blind and I cannot hear that well, so it took me some time to get closer.


When they saw me, I knew, I was safe, because they recognized that I cannot see. I was completely lost and don´t know how I would survive if they wouldn´t come. I guess, we have met at the right place and the right time. These ladies decided to help me and carried me in their arms quite a long time. I didn´t move an inch, just put my head under one arm and patiently waited until we reached the foster home.


There, I got food and water and the world was good again. I am very good girl and once I trust somebody, they can pet me and caress me as much as they want. I really enjoy it. There are moments when I am bit lost, disoriented and confused, so I start to walk in circles which makes me calm. Other than that, you cannot find a sweeter cat. I have been through a lot and I am very grateful that I feel loved and safe.

Lucyanne was adopted abroad and she travelled to her forever home in May 2022.

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