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Leo (10/2023), Male and Tabitha (10/2023), Female

Hello everyone!! We are Tabitha and Leo two extremely sweet and tender siblings seeking for a forever family!! 

We were born around September 2023 to a long haired Greek stray mom kitty in Kifisia, Athens, Greece along with one more sibling. We were all walking in the middle of the street following our mommy around and taking in the sun. One day, our sibling got hit by a passing car, leaving us all crying over his poor body. A neighbor decided to dispose him to protect us as we couldn’t leave him alone.

The neighborhood has very nice people around who fed us and took good care of us. We were happy and safe.. until one horrible morning .... We were brutally attacked and mauled by dogs leaving our poor bodies full of injuries, experiencing terrible pain and discomfort. We couldn’t move and we experienced severe trauma. All we could do was cry for help and hope someone would hear us.. We got very lucky and the nicest lady heard my desperate cries. I was laying in an olive bucket in a big garden when I saw the lady approaching me. I was all alone at the time, and worrying for my sister but didn’t know what to do. 

I was limping and whole pieces of skin and fur were missing, exposing my bone and muscle on my right leg and arm. The kind lady offered me some food but after taking a few bites I quickly run away..I had to unite with my sister. I finally found her after a few hours but she was in the same situation. We were trapped and taken to the doctor where we stayed for almost 2 months until our wounds healed and we could get discharged and finally move to the big shelter! It wasn’t nice being in a cage for so long but at least we were safe and we had each other.

We are now at the LBS cat sanctuary and we are so so happy! We tend to stick together and cuddle with each other. We might come across as a bit shy at first but after 1 minute of sniffing we show our true personalities!! We are super friendly and social. We are both new to LBS family and need a bit of time to adapt to the surroundings and everything that comes with being indoor cats. We are also adjusting to being around people and to all the new noises, which sometimes can be a bit overwhelming for us. I am Leo and I love being up high on a bed while my sister Tabitha likes to hide inside a cozy cat tree. We are learning how to play with various different types of toys but have warmed up to the string toy and that is our favourite at the moment! 

We are very attached to each other and need to be together. We feel safe as a team and they boost each other’s confidence. Our favourite place to sleep and spend time during the day is on the bed enjoying the sunshine. We love snuggling there!!


We both loove cuddles and enjoy a good neck scratch! We purr like machines when we are being stroked and we will rub our faces against you to ask for more!

Tabitha likes to roll over and get belly rubs too! She sometimes hisses at first but in reality all she asks for are cuddles and pets! Maybe she doesn’t know what hissing means?? Who knows!! It’s funny anyway!

We deserve to find a purrfect home to grow and bloom! We are a great pair and adopting us means you will get two sweet and tender buddies to keep you company for many many years. Who doesn’t want to unbelievably joyful and loving furry friends? We are here ready for you!!

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