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Marigold (02/2021), Female

Hello! Thank you for being here, reading my story. You should know that your interest in me makes me very emotional! With that being said I will start introducing myself! I used to roam around a big neighborhood where other cats used to live as well. I wasn’t so comfortable being around them but I quickly spotted a lady bringing food and decided to hang around there to have a better chance in surviving on streets.


It was a quiet summer evening when a few people carrying some boxes and a weird metal carrier came close to us. They offered us really tasty food in exchange of walking in the carrier. I was told I would get sterilized and released right after my healing journey. So, I agreed!

I was taken to a clinic and got the operation they told me about. I soon realized that the plan of releasing me changed when a kind lady visited me and whispered in my ears that she would take me to a house soon. It felt like I was at that vet office forever so I was very happy with the outcome! I was told afterwards that the people who were living in my neighborhood didn’t want us back. The kind lady came on 15.2.2022 and moved me to a lovely home where I am currently living at. 


I am shy when I meet new people but after spending some time I gain confidence and become a cuddly and sweet lady! New people and new surroundings will make me hide for a few days but once I feel comfortable I will come out and let you meet my friendly side! I get scared by loud noises and fast movements so please be gentle and calm around me. I still feel timid by other cats and if they try to get too close to me I am not afraid to scare them off. I like the house I am currently staying at and have found my safe place behind the couch. Even though I haven’t been around people for a long time I already feel a lot better around them compared to the beginning! I have also progressed a lot since I first met the rest of the kitty family living in the house and I am able to enjoy my meals close to them now. I come out of my hiding spot more and more often every day and have started to seek for cuddles as it feels pretty awesome! 

I am not a big fan of food but enjoy spending a few hours during the day on the protected outdoor area! If you pass my initial test and get approved by me I become very affectionate, get crazy about cuddling and loves to be petted in my back and my neck. 

I prefer low areas to hang out at the house rather than climbing up high! 

I am a very smart lady who will thrive in a household with less cats and a family who will spend time with me. I need human interaction to be happy and after all I have been through I truly deserve a good home where I can flourish.

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