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Marigold (02/2021), Female

Hello! Thank you for being here, reading my story. You should know that your interest in me makes me very emotional! With that being said I will start introducing myself! 


My name is Marigold and I am a very sweet, calm, patient kitty. I spent almost 6 months in a cage before Let’s be Smart team stepped in to take me but I haven’t t lost my faith and trust in humans. I have changed a lot since I first came to the shelter! I was scared, timid and used to mostly hide at first but now.. I am a different lady!! . Even though I still blush and get shy sometimes it is not out of fear like before, this is just my personality! I am low profile lady! 


I like to get attention and strokes from humans, but also likes my privacy! I would bloom in a house being the only lady but could easily share my living space with a dog. I patiently wait for my breakfast every day, eat with great appetite and claim it, contrarily to the beginning where everyone else could steal my food and I would just observe!! 


I am not very fond of kittens, but I am never aggressive or hostile.. I like hanging out with cats as Blake or Penelope who are equally friendly and quiet as me. Although I am still not comfortable being held, I am approaching you on my own pace for pets and cuddles when I need some pampering and affection. I have my own places where I feel safe, sometimes under the sofa where there is always a soft, fluffy pillow I can snuggle with. There are times when you will see me perched on a cat tree or even higher up in the closet. I would be great living with another calm cat like me, for example Penelope! I won’t sit long on your lap, I feel a bit insecure and usually hide my little head in your chest. But I am very friendly, never claw, patient with my pill treatments and in general a laid back lady. 


My caregivers describe me as Snow White. Beautiful, kind, sweet, good-natured, I have all the good qualities without trying to stand out... and yet I have managed to rightfully stand out at my caregiver’s eyes! 

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