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Honey (02/2020)

Honey and her 4 siblings were found living at a Leroy Merlin store by the founder and a team member of Let’s Be S.M.A.R.T. The staff at Leroy Merlin were asked about the kittens and they said the mother had been run over and they were leaving food for them in the mornings. They asked if we could taken the kittens and considering the the information we decided to act quickly and get the kittens to a safe environment. Our team sprung into action and with the help of a volunteer and the shelter manager they were able to catch all 5.  

Honey is as sweet as her name is! She is super affectionate, super cute and cuddle all the time! She will chirp at you when you say hello and is always there to lend a helping paw, no matter what you are doing. Her favourite thing is a belly rub, she has a super soft belly and will always roll over so it can be tickled. Honey is a gentle lady and just wants love, and occasionally a ball to chase. When she has enjoyed a good play, she will always come over and tuck herself into your lap for nap time!

Honey was adopted abroad in September 2020.

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