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Furby (01/2021), Female

Hello everyone, my name is Furby and I am a member of a lovely family who was born indoors. We were lucky to be raised and taken care of not only by our real mom, but also by our human daddy who adored us all. Unfortunately, due to some personal circumstances that occurred to our human dad, we were all left alone in our home without the human affection we were used to get before. We were fed on a daily basis but we all needed the human company we were used to have all this time to be happy. Our owner made the decision to bring us to the Let’s Be S.M.A.R.T. shelter so our cat family can find a new home and get all the love we deserve again.


Due to a genetic condition passed on from our mommy, I have a shorter tail than other cats do!!I am a sweet, brave lady and is the first one to explore new surroundings! I am the bravest of the family and although I might need some time to feel comfortable around new cats, my curiosity help me overcome my second thoughts! I am big and cuddly like a teddy bear and love to communicate with people!


I am talkative and vocal and will always respond when I get the chance. I really like having long conversations with people,it’s so funny! I also love spending time with my siblings and like to snuggle with them!I quickly adjusted to the new environment and enjoy all the cuddles I can get! I do deserve to feel loved again and I promise you I am one of those cats who will return the affection you will give me ten times. There is no doubt about it!


Give me some time and I will overcome everything!I am very special due to my shorter tail and my mom raised me telling me that’s my super power so I like to show it off! I enjoy making new friends and I feel proud to show them my bravery.I have no limits, my heart is so big that doesn’t know fear, humans are extremely interesting to me and I would gladly spend my whole life exploring your weird world until I become the leader of your family! No, I am just kidding, I will be more than happy if I just get a family of my own again, where I can be treated with love and respect and make memories with.


I am definitely a high-spirited cat that loves to play and get pets. While I am more independent than my sisters Tiny and Creeper, I still beg for attention- and food. I will wait by the door and let you know when I am hungry and have a big appetite. I am a hunter at heart and love to chase things and play around. Adopt me hooman! You will adore me! And so will I!

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