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Checkers was found in a box at the doorstep of an animal lover. Unfortunately this animal lover could not take in Checkers due to her having two dogs. We saw Checkers desperate request on facebook and decided to step in.


Once Checkers was examined by our vets, it was determined he is between 10-12 years old and had a blood bacteria causing severe anemia from flea bites. We have him on antibiotics and slowly he is regaining his strength while living free in the founders home with her kitties. We found a loving home for Checkers in New York and he was travelling in February 2017 to his forever home.


Unfortunately, on the Christmas week of 2017 the family had to euthanize him as he had a renal failure. We are very sad but he got to live the remaining part of his life with such a loving family who cared very much for him.




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