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Elsa (2015), Female

Hi, my name is Elsa! My story is a bit blur in my mind now. I think I remember being around people, perhaps they liked my black fur when I was a kitten, but maybe because I grew up, they didn’t want me anymore. It took me a month to fully trust a kind lady, who was feeding me. I was meeting her every day at the same corner and she just loved me, petted me and hugged me. I had a wound on my back which was not getting better so one day she scooped me and brought to a home to heal.


Now I’m in the shelter and my new friends call me Salem sometimes, because I remind them of the warlock cat from Sabrina, the teenage witch. I think they see the wisdom in my gaze since I’ve been through a lot in my life, which shows sometimes. I still love humans, although in my early life they probably hurt me. Now that I feel safe and I talk a lot to the humans. I often lean my head on them. I have a very sweet and loving nature. They say that I often look and feel like an old soul. I love sitting by windows and watching the world from the safety of my cat bed. Sometimes I don’t like to be petted on my back, due to my past injury. I’m not aggressive, just giving a warning. I get easily comfortable and I would do great with a mild mannered kitty sibling or even on my own. I am a black princess and I will reign in your heart if you let me!


I am always looking for cuddles. Every time someone goes to the balcony, I am always the first one to notice and will instantly try to get your attention. I will sit with you (more like on you) and relax in the sun anytime. I don’t need much, just a little love and affection and I will be the most loyal friend you’ve ever had.


Elsa was adopted abroad and she travelled to her forever home in February 2024. 

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Elsa is sponsored by Amalia (Greece)

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