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Marshall (01/2022), Male

Hello my name is Marshall and I am a young sweet boy that recently came to live at the shelter of LBS! I adjusted very quickly to the new environment and act like I have been here for ages.


I am very friendly towards all the other cats but share a special bond with my brother Noodles. Whenever you look for me or my brother Noodle you will find us at a comfortable spot of the house, licking each other! We are amazingly sweet and humans could spend hours watching us take care of each other! I am very friendly towards humans and adores to be stroked! I am super affectionate and like to give kisses!


I am the kind of cat people mean when they say: that kitty is a peoples kitty! I like to be picked up and carried around in the house like a baby! I enjoy high places and climbing cat trees!


Both me and my brother will grab your hand while you pet us so we can lick it and show how much we enjoy being around people. I am very playful and energetic and my favourite toys are feather sticks! I like to sunbath on the balcony and get fresh breeze on my face! I really enjoy wet food as well! I can’t wait to meet my forever family and get to travel!


I would love to get adopted with my brother Noodle and continue engaging in mutual grooming courses!

Marshall was adopted abroad and he travelled to her forever home in November 2022. 

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