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Christopher (04/2021), Male

Hi my name is Christopher! My siblings and I were living on the streets very clsoe to a busy main road. A lady was feeding us every day and gained our trust so she could take us to safety. We spent some time at the vets before coming to the LBS sanctuary. I’m so happy we are safe now.

I’m a big handsome tabby boy! You don’t get any more handsome cats than me.  I’m going to be a big boy as I’m already a lot bigger than my sisters! Having grown up with 3 sisters I am a big softie really. I’m very gentle and loving, cuddles really are wonderful. Especially if you have big squishy blankets for me to cuddle up on. I need extra time to get to know you, but I don’t take long to open up and show you my soft side. Sleeping in bed is amazing, I like to tuck myself up next to my person and snore the night away.

Food is amazing! Nothing beats food! Treats I will go crazy for, the smallest rustle of a treat bag and I will come running. However, I am polite and will wait like a gentleman for my turn with the treats. I can be a bit greedy when I have it all to myself though!

When I trust you I am so affectionate, I will love you forever and you will always be my favourite to cuddle with. But I can get overwhelmed easily, so a calm home with a few humans to love me would be great. I get along well with other cats too so I would be happy in a home with kitty friends.

Christopher was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in April 2022. 

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