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Pumpkin (05/2022), Male

Hey my name is Pumpkin! I was living on the streets with my siblings Phoenix, Chickpea and my beautiful mom in a garden that felt safe, we were trying our best to survive, but we were moved from there as cats were not really wanted in this garden. This is how I reached the shelter where I now live with many other rescued cats and friends.

I am indeed the warm orange colour of a pumpkin, it seems I will become a large male cat with a big head and a little bit of a rough look but all sweet on the inside. My eyes are green. At the moment I feel so shy when a human approaches and cannot help but hiss and show my baby teeth, I don t scratch or anything but try to keep people at a distance until the time that I will find my confidence to strike up a friendship. I love to play with my siblings and other kittens of my age or bigger who are chilled out. I am smart yet shy and people at first don t know what to make of me... I feel comforted being included in a group of other cats, being part of a gang, as I feel I belong to a family and have friends. I hope to be able to become good friends some day with a human too, who will take to me and me to them. I have a soft heart that will melt once I warm up to the right person and give them my trust. I love good food and sharing delicious meals with my cat friends, I love a cozy environment too with people who are kind. All this despite my shyness for now, as I am still a kitten after all.


Pumpkin was adopted by the Let's be S.M.A.R.T. team member in February 2023.

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