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Leon (10/2021), Male

Hello my name is Leon!! I was roaming around alone in the streets in Varkiza after losing my family and I was very sick. I couldn’t breathe properly and my eyes were completely closed due to dry pass.


Thankfully I found other kitties and a feeding station and moved there to get food and water. I was very lucky as I met a lady who rescued me and brought me to a nice, warm home. I suddenly had warm food, fresh water, soft blankets and a lovely bed to sleep on. I felt so lucky. The first thing the lady did was to clean my eyes and nose and remove the dirt and dry pass. All of the sudden I could see again, I felt happy and safe and started to purr to show the people that took care of me how thankful I was!  I am a friendly boy in general.  I enjoy cuddles and really like to be petted when I am in the mood. If I get bothered by something I will show it and then leave. I am friendly towards people and I am great with the other cats at the house. I have a strong personality and will show my dislikes and likes. I like to snuggle but I don’t sleep on the bed with humans yet, I prefer to sleep with other kitties. I am curious, I like to observe, I am adventurous and like to spend time on our outdoor terrace sunbathing and getting fresh air on my face!

I like to mostly play alone with toys and love small balls, but if another cat will approach me to play I am happy to play and we will start chasing each other. I like to watch TV as well, especially birds on Youtube. I am a very active kitten and spend most of my day exploring the house and playing around! I definitely have a cattitude and that is why people love me so much! I have favourite sleeping places, you will always know where to find me! I like to hide in their closet, on their clothes and enjoy some quite time alone in between the day! I love dry and wet food,I get very excited about it!! I am super handsome, fluffy and clean, I have an amazing long fur and know how to keep myself presentable! I am great when I need to be in a carrier to go to the vets and was perfect when I needed to be isolated in the beginning as well.


I am waiting for my forever family to adopt me where I will feel loved and safe and I can’t wait for that to happen! I would prefer to live in a house with older children only.

Leon was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in September 2022.

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