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Tommy (11/2011)

Our little lover boy Tommy was living at a vet’s office for many months before he came to our sanctuary. He was rescued when he was a little baby and his tail was chewed half off from a dog. He never stopped purring and loves attention. He was adopted abroad and in September 2017 he was flying to meet his family. We were very happy to receive the below email from Tommy's new family:


"We've had Tommy in our home for a little more than two months now. Tommy is a  curious little guy who also likes to sleep a lot. So far he has spent every night on our bed since we got him. Tommy is a real cuddler and prefers to be next to Debora or me whenever he can. Lately he has been scratching himself a lot so we switched up his food. We are feeding him Porta21 now which should help with all the scratching. We are enjoying his company a lot. We did change his name though. We are calling him Silver or 'Silly' because of his grey/silver fur.


We are very grateful and could not imagine him not being in our home already. Thank you!

Kind regards,

Tommie and Debora"



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