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Bamboo (02/2022), Female

Hello my name is Bamboo and I was born at a wonderful Airbnb in Varkiza, a suburb of Athens. I also had two sisters which I am very happy to say, already have travelled, so here I am, waiting for my forever home as well!


Our mom, Ebony was an amazing mom, took care of us, raised us and taught us how to be great cats! I am a talker and definitely a complainer! You will always know when I am around the area or in the room as I like to explore everything, be in the middle of everything that takes place and I am a big trouble maker (in a nice way of course).


No door can stay closed in front of me for too long, as I will have to check what is happening! I love to play with other cats and especially the rest of the kittens at the foster home where I currently live but I am also independent and enjoy time spent on my own. I don’t like being in carrier and will cry a lot. Unless the carrier just exists in the house somewhere, then I will be fine around it!  I am a big jumper and climber as well and enjoy my playtime! I like to play with all kind of toys but my favorite toys are the stick toys, feathers and small strings hanging from sticks can keep me occupied for hours! I am very sweet and gentle, I am very friendly towards humans and love to be stroked and petted!


Cuddle time is my favorite time during the day and if you decide to work on your computer I will keep you company! I will sit on the chair next to you and will look into your eyes until your heart melts, you can try to focus and do your work but I will try to seek for your attention in the meanwhile!! I am also food motivated, not so much with dry but wet food and treats are a must for me! I will even try to steal wet food from the other cats! I also enjoy to spend time outdoors on the terrace and I like the feeling of fresh breeze on my face! I am an adorable kitten, very easy to handle since I was born and ready to seize every day! I have been waiting for a while to get adopted and meet my forever person and I really look forward for that.

Microchip registration number:


Bamboo was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in February 2023. 

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