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Benji (08/2023), Male

Hello everyone my name is Benji and I am a lovely boy who was rescued after being found stuck in a bush crying really loud seeking for someone to help him. Fortunately, a kind lady heard my desperate cries and run to help me. She took me to the vet for the necessary tests and treatments and after everything was done, I got my 1st vaccine and came to LBS shelter to meet the rest of the famous cat family. 

I am a super friendly boy towards people and I am very interested in playing with my fellows! I am very affectionate and I am always in the mood for strokes and pets!! When I want attention I will seek for it by climbing up on you and rubbing my face/nose towards you! 

I enjoy cuddles especially in the afternoon. During the evening I am affectionate as well but prefer to play cause I get more energetic then. I am a curious boy who doesn’t need a lot of time to adjust to new environments! Some sniffing and a bit of investigation is enough so I can feel comfortable. I then playfully maneuver my new surroundings and always seem confident. 

Sometimes loud noises spook me and I might want to hide but once I am reassured that everything is ok I feel happy again. I absolutely love playtime and like being around other cats. I do have a preference in toys and adore all the toys I can chase, I always choose them over any stuffed animal. During the day I enjoy exploring the place and my favorite spot to sleep is in my own cat bed, which is actually mine, from before I came to the shelter. My rescuer brought it with her to make me feel cozy and snuggly.


Apart from all the above, I am a good eater and always appreciates feeding time! I don’t mind being in a carrier and I am perfectly calm in the car as well. Like most kittens, I can sometimes be a bit clingy but at the same time I am very playful, naughty and curious! I am an adorable bundle of joy who is looking for my forever person! I look forward to create everlasting memories with that someone special for me!!


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