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Pepe (07/2019), Male

Hello my name is Pepe and I am top-notch cat! I was initially trapped by a lovely lady to get sterilized and released but after taking me to the vets she discovered I suffered from respiratory issue. She knew she couldn’t release me after the sterilization and contacted Let’s be Smart. LBS decided to take me under our care as they knew I would only get worse living outside. They started with antibiotics to treat my respiratory problem but only saw a slight improvement as I would still always be snotty so we decided to do more tests. The next steps for me and the LBS team were to take a biopsy and check the nasal structure as well as the damage at the sinuses and take sample from the mucosa to send for a PCR test. These tests would show if my mucosa is destroyed by a virus, if I suffer from lymphoplasmacytic rhinitis or if I had a polyp that needed removal (***).

(***) The Biopsy results: Results came back and showed rhinitis, lymphohistiocytic, chronic, moderate-marked with bone remodeling, chondroid metaplasia and erosions, meaning the above condition is not transmitted now, he has a chronic issue that makes him sensitive to bacterias which secondary can be transmitted to other cats.


PCR: showed calicivirus infection.

  1. 50 % of these cats fully recover in around 3 weeks

  2. The other 50% are carriers. The majority of the carriers carry the disease for a few months and only a small percentage can be carriers for life.

  3. Calicivirus can only be transmitted to newborn kittens as the multiple vaccine we do cover it.

  4. Best plan to do a PCR again in 3-5 months to check again for calicivirus.


I am super friendly towards people and love to spend time with them. I am the kind of cat that need human interaction in order to be happy and fulfilled.

I am good with other cats but sometimes I can be a bit persistent towards them when I want to play. In my opinion, I think I chase them in a playful and nice way but they sometimes think I am over trying a bit!

I am super curious and want to be involved in everything, especially when humans are involved. In general, I like being in the middle of everything, know what exactly is going on and see everything that takes place! I seek for attention and will ask for cuddles when it’s the right moment for me! I enjoy sleeping on the bed, really love soft pillows and will always prefer to snuggle in, instead of just lying on the couch or sleep on higher places like a scratching post or a shelf on the wall.

I have overheard people saying I have a very sweet voice, they probably think I am sweet because I am talkative and vocal. I will complain when I don’t like something so you will easily get to know my likes and dislikes!

Due to my respiratory issue and until LBS team proceeded to all the tests to know I could be around other cats I was in isolation. I was recently released in the main house and got to meet all the other residents so I am now enjoying the freedom and the larger space and I am very happy about it!

I need attention and love to be happy and if you can provide these things I will forever be your friend. I am very grateful to be removed from the streets and live indoors like a king but I can’t wait to get adopted, meet my forever family and enjoy the vibes of a permanent home as well.

Pepe was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in March 2023.

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