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Heidi (03/2021), Female

A big hello to everyone!! My name is Heidi and I am a 3 year old rescue kitty from the area of Glyfada. I was part of a small community of cats who unfortunately got attacked by two dogs. I was one of the lucky ones who was unharmed but my 2 friends were severely injured and one of them permanently paralyzed. I am a sweet girl who was always very friendly with people especially small children and was always following them around asking for attention. My rescuer saved me as she was worried for my safety and contacted Let’s be SMART to ask for help.


I am a very friendly lady who pick my favorite friends and Penny is my true bestie, I prefer her over everyone else from the kitty family! I will never bully anyone but do enjoy my own private time and space. I am an adorable lady who loves cuddles and pets especially at night before going to bed. I find belly rubs and head scratches awesome. 

I am super friendly even if I don’t know someone and will immediately win you over. I don’t get timid or scared by loud noises and adapt very quickly to new surroundings! In general, I am a calm and relaxed lady who is mostly chilling during the day, although sometimes I get very excited and enjoy playtime.

I love to hang out on the balcony, especially on the shady parts and enjoy my peace and quiet. I am an overall chill girl who seeks for love and affection but in a quiet and respectful manner, I tolerate everything and I am happy with very little. 

If you are looking to adopt a cat who will thrive in your household and fill your heart with love and joy then look no more! I am perfect for you!

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