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Mercury (05/2021), Male

I am Mercury and I am looking for my forever home! So here I am introducing myself and trying to make you fall in love with me! I was living in the backyard of a house along with other kitties. We were taken care of by a lovely couple who fed us on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the couple had to move away and couldn’t not take us with them so we all came to LBS cat shelter!!!

I am a friendly sweet boy with lots of friends and palls but needs to feel comfortable before I fully trust someone. I can be timid by too courageous cats and feel more relaxed around others who have more easy going personalities, such as me! I am very friendly with people as well and if you become my friend you will gain a forever place in my heart. I can’t get enough cuddles and will seek for more affection by meowing at you really loudly and rubbing against you!

I feel more comfortable in relaxed surroundings and will run away if you are too loud or move suddenly. I don’t enjoy busy environments! I love being up very high and observe the world from above! But when I do feel comfortable enough I will stay in a more “reachable” height! I don’t really have a very playful side and will prefer to just hang around, chilling with my friends Felix and Garfield. These are my best mates! Most of my time is spent outdoors on the netted balconies because it’s a more quiet area and tends to have less cats around. 

I absolutely love food and tasty snacks is a good way to help me feel more relaxed and happy. I also adore cuddles and turn into a sweetheart if like mentioned before you gain my trust! I don’t mind being picked up and if you pick me up I will rub my face towards your face and neck and then just burry my face into your arms and snuggle in. I like to be petted all over my body and will stand on my back legs asking for more!! 

I am a very sweet boy who needs a calm and quiet environment where I can spend my days relaxing and enjoying a lifetime full of cuddles. Please consider opening your home to me! I will forever love you, I promise I will be the best friend you ever had!


Mercury was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in June 2024.

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