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Roady (09/2021), Female

Hello my name is Roady and I am a shy little sweet cat that needs time and space in order to feel safe. I can easily get scared or feel timid and will hide behind a couch until I feel ok again to come out again. I am curious and want to explore the world though.


I have never hissed or attacked people but I can easily get nervous around humans and fast movements. When the environment is calm and quiet though, I will come out to explore on my own terms and I will then show my friendly side, I like strokes and cuddles but when the time is right and when I feel comfortable enough I purr a lot as well. I need someone who will take the time to get to know me and let me learn how to trust! I am friendly towards the other cats and kittens at the foster home and don’t really care.


I will enjoy the time spent with humans and will get super sweet when I let my guards down! I am also talkative when I want something and that help humans create stronger bonds with me as they easily understand me! I don’t really play alone with toys and will always prefer to play with another furry friend. Two things I adore are cat grass and food, especially dinner! I know the routine and I always look forward for it!


Due to my respiratory issue I can have some good days and some bad days meaning I can be snotty or coughing from time to time (the nasal swab was taken which showed sterile lymphocytic rhinitis, no bacterial processes were found).

A house with a confident cat would be ideally for me as it will help me with my confidence as well! I will be better in a house with older kids as well because that will help me feel comfortable. I have so much to offer and can’t wait for that special someone who will see my pictures and videos, will fall in love with me and will decide to adopt me to become my forever friend!

Roady was adopted abroad and she travelled to her forever home in March 2023.

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