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Cloud (04/2021), Female

Hello everyone! My name is Cloud and I am 7,5 months old! I am one of those cats that immediately will take over your heart with my beauty and my amazing personality.


I am very easy going and relaxed in general. I am a sweet lady that adores cuddles and strokes, truly the dream cat! I turn around, show my belly so people can rub me and won’t stop purring to show how much I love to spend time with humans. I am loving and extremely sweet. Except of my cute face I also have a very sweet voice and loves to talk to people, especially if food is involved!


I like to play with toys but will most times choose cuddles instead! I am very friendly towards people and there is no doubt I will brighten up the lives of the family that will decide to adopt me. I really need to spend time with people as I get easily attached so a mom or dad that will give me lots of love will be my favorite!


As most cats I also enjoy treats and a good scratching post to file my nails as a proper lady will be very much appreciated! I joined the family at the foster home after the vets sterilized me and felt like home immediately. I quickly adjusted to being indoors, sleeping in the warmth, taken care of and being loved!

Cloud was adopted locally in January 2021.

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