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Kelvin (07/2020)

Kelvin was found by a friend of the shelter with his siblings, they were very young, skinny and needed help if they were going to survive. They were trapped and taken to the vets for treatment before coming to the shelter.

Kelvin is a sweet and playful kitten. He needs a little time to get used to a new environment, but when he does he is very loving! He likes a scratch behind the ears, and he loves to play! He likes to chase his siblings; they are so much fun to play with. He also loves wet food, if you have some super tasty food he will be the first one there! He is a kitten so has a lot of kitten energy, and when he is tired he loves to sleep tucked up with his sisters.

Kelvin was adopted abroad and in December 2020 he travelled to his forever home.

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