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Snowball (05/2018)

Snowball was found at the Kavouri Tennis Club in Athens in a really bad condition. He could barely breathe, he couldn't hear anything and he was very, very skinny. He spent almost two months at the vet clinic, where he started to feel better and gained some weight. Snowball was diagnosed with FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency virus), which is also called feline AIDS. It should be stressed out that humans cannot be infected and even chances that he can pass the virus on to other cats are low, unless there is vicious fighting with injuries involved. At the vet clinic he was also sterilized. After the treatment in the vet clinic he can now hear to some extent. With a proper care he started to eat like a King and to gain a weight!

Snowball is a beautiful white cat with pink ears, nose and pads on his paws. The name suits him well as he is like a real snowball when he curls up for a nap. We believe he was a home cat before he became homeless because he is very people friendly and playful. He manages cleaning his ears and eyes, rinsing his nose or even clipping his claws without any drama. Snowball is very cuddly, he loves attention and to be petted. He loves to play with other cats and also with toys, including some big teddy bears, which he loves to carry around or even sleep on them. He is fascinated by printers and he enjoys watching TV, especially feeding birds and mice on YouTube.


Snowball is a very special kitty, very dear to the hearts of all our team members and we are extremely happy that our Snowball found his forever home and he got adopted abroad in May 2020. 


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