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Mr. Kipling (05/2016), Male

Hello I’m Mr Kipling! I was found living in Kalyvia on the streets, I was so sick. I could barely breathe due to a respiritory infection and I was so dirty and matted. I wouldn’t eat even though I was so skinny, but I was still friendly to humans! They just picked me up and put me in a carrier, I was so desperate to be saved. I feel so lucky they found me, I don’t think I would have survived without their help.

I’m a big friendly, handsome boy! I love smushes, I will run over and push my hand into your hands for love. I like to meow at you, so you know when I want love, then I will curl up in your lap and we can nap the day away together! Soft blankets are the best thing ever, the coziest spots with the softest, fluffiest, blankets is where you’ll find me. I love the sunshine too, the warm breeze flying through my fur is the best.

I would prefer to be the only cat; I love attention so much I can get jealous when I see other cats having a cuddle. I want my human all to myself! I am still getting used to cuddles after living on the streets for so long, so I can get a bit overwhelmed sometimes. I don’t mean it, I just don’t know how to handle so much love! I have FIV, but I don’t let that stop me, I am a very strong healthy boy! All I want is a loving owner who will treat me like the prince I am!

Mr. Kipling was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in February 2022.

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Mr. Kipling was sponsored by Margot de Vos (The Netherlands) and Shella David (USA)

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