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Jupiter (07/2020)

Jupiter was found around midnight on 6th of November 2020, sitting in the middle of the street in Varkiza by a lady who was walking her dog. His eyes were all foggy and he seemed very hungry, so she took him and brought him to us. Next day, we took him to the veterinary clinic where he was all checked out. His overall condition was good, though it was obvious that his sight is impaired. He, however, doesn´t have any problems to move around the environment he´s in, and to jump on and off the cat trees or chase toys. He can definitely see some shapes and shades. The lady who found him took him to her foster care where he stayed with her and her dog for 3 months. He came to our Let´s Be S.M.A.R.T. Foster home on 5th of February 2021

Jupiter is very curious and playful cat. He adores company, both human and animal. He is very attentive and also requires lots of attention. He loves to snuggle in with everybody, in the bed while you´re sleeping or on the couch while you watching movie or reading a book. He even likes to sit or sleep on your lap while you working on your computer behind the desk. He is also quite talkative and very curious. Though he is nearly blind, it doesn´t stop him from doing everything like other cats, playing, chasing others, climbing cat trees and in every possible way discovering new things. His most favorite toys are rattle toys, small mice and balls that make some noise. He loves being outside sniffing plants or just hang out on the fresh air. He is very well behaved, though a little bit spoiled for the attention – who can blame him though, he really is a very handsome and affectionate cat.

Jupiter was adopted to the U.S. and in June he travelled to his forever home.

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