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Beatle (11/2021), Male

Hello my name is Beatle! I was living on the streets for the first few months of my life. Thankfully me and my siblings discovered a feeding station where other cats got fed and taken care of by a lovely lady and decided to join the gang. I joined the rest of the kitties in order to feel safer. I had an eye problem and I understand that it’s the reason why that lovely lady decided to remove me from the station and take me in. I was very scared and timid the first days. I wasn’t used to being indoors, surrounded by people and other cats. Every time someone approached me I got frightened and started hissing. A week went by like this until I understood that people are nice and don’t want to harm me. I started enjoying have food and fresh water available. The comfort of warmth and fluffy blankets made me feel good and safe so I started letting my guards down. I allowed people to touch me and even stroke me. I realize that I am safe and loved but I still need time to fully gain trust in people.


I like to hide during the day but I have overcome myself and have made huge steps in a very small period of time. The people that are currently taking care of me are confident that I will soon fully trust them and that will give me the chance to blossom and show my true personality.


I like toys and comfortable places to sleep and cuddle in. I still get timid when new people are involved but will come out of my hiding spots easier when food or playing is involved. I love food in general but wet food melts my little heart and give humans the time to bond and connect with me. I really enjoy treats as well.  


I feel comfortable with all the rest of the kitty family at the moment and I know that after fully adjusting to being indoor and to humans I will grow into a lovely young man. I lean my head very often when I'm curious about something, often come closer when I want to observe or see something. I am explorative, curious and adventurous. I love to play so that is another way humans can approach me and I absolutely love dangler poles. Even though I only have one eye I am super fast at chasing all kind of toys! I like soft beds and pillows but I am mostly hiding under them at the moment. I like to take small naps during the day often next to another kitty! My best friend is Onyx and we love to cuddle together. I also like to play with humans’ hands.

If you look at me, you will notice that my coloring looks like I am wearing trousers! People are optimistic that I will gain more confidence soon and that will give me the opportunity to actually enjoy the time spent with them.

Beatle was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in October 2023.

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Beatle is sponsored by Yachen (Germany)

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