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Thunder (04/2021), Female

Hi I’m Thunder! I was living on the streets all by myself, it was lonely and scary. A kind lady was feeding me every day and she asked if there was room for me at the shelter as I was a friendly lady! Luckily there was and here I am!  

As my name suggests, I’m a crazy lady! I have so so so much energy, I really love to play all day every day. I have a lot to learn, as I was alone I don’t know how to be with other cats or humans that much. I’m really friendly and I will be your best friend, but sometimes when I play I get a little carried away. I like other cats, they are fun to play with! So I will happily live with some furry friends. Humans are so much fun, I love it when they get the toys out and we play together. Hands and feet are great to nibble on, there’s something about the way they move that makes me want to attack and play with them. So you’ll need a little patience with me while I get used to not nibbling!

I am a cheeky lady and I like to see how much I can get away with. Beds are the best for sleeping, they are so warm and cosy! The best naps I have are tucked up in a big duvet, I love to get snuggly. 

I’m a very sweet and loving young lady, I have so much love to give I just need someone to give it to!

Thunder was adopted abroad and se travelled to her forever home in August 2022.

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