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Missy (12/2017)

Missy has a miraculous story! She was found by the Let's be S.M.A.R.T. Founder in November 2018, motionless at the side of the busy road, with only her eyes moving that cried for help. She was scooped from the road and immediately brought to the Vet's office. After extensive care, tests (including an MRI) and treatments at the Vet's office (including acupuncture which actually helped her a great deal to get back feelings to her limbs), she was placed for a couple of months to a foster home where she received loads of love and good care. She started to eat solid food and little by little she made a progress in her recovery - she gained strength and was able to better coordinate her head and body movements and shortly after she was able to get on her feet. Her first steps were shaky and she was falling to the side but very quickly her movements improved and she was able to walk around the place with confidence and she started to play with the other cats.

In July 2019 she was moved to our Let´s Be S.M.A.R.T. Foster Home where she currently lives. She had to undergo one surgery – removing polyps from her ears. The recovery was long but successful and today, she is a happy little cat, however she has reduced hearing capabilities probably from the accident before she was found. Her movement is slightly different from a normal cat walk and a little bit wobbly from time to time, but it doesn´t stop her from running and chasing toys. She doesn´t need any extra care anymore. Her name “Missy” was given because she was almost “missed” as we thought she was not alive at the side of the road.

Missy is a very talkative girl and after few days spent with her, surely you will figure out what she demands from you. She loves to spend time outside on the balcony or terrace, mostly sleeping and sunbathing. Before the ear surgery, she was sleeping a lot, but after, she is like an exchanged cat. She loves to play and chase other cats. Her most favourite toy is laser pointer, she could run after it for a long time, with complete tunnel vision and focus on the red dot. Just do not stand in her way.

Another thing that she absolutely adores are cardboard boxes. She sleeps in them and wrecks them, sharpen her claws on them and plays in them. It is very amusing to watch her how crazy she can get in a well sized box. She is extremely food motivated, especially the wet food, but she is not a picky girl. She knows exactly when the breakfast and dinner is served and she will remind you in case you forgot to check the time. 

She can be very cuddly if she wants, and she likes very much when you brush her coat gently. Though she is fine being around other cats, she doesn´t spend much time with them or doesn´t play with them. She lives more in her own world. All she needs is little bit of attention and love. She has her own unique beauty and kind nature and we would love to find for this very special cat to us the forever loving home she deserves.

Our lucky girl was adopted abroad and in October she travelled to her forever home! 🥰


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