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Sally (11/2016)

Sally lived with her babies Popcorn, Skittles, Pringles and Marshmallow in a yard of a building in Varkiza. There is a mini market next to the building and the owner fed them every day, but since the babies would start wondering around we decided to take them into our foster home to keep them safe. We didn’t want to separate them from their mom so we took her as well. It was the founder of our organization that spotted them initially one morning, so went the same afternoon and got all of them, 4 babies and mom Sally! We took them to the clinic for tests and ant parasite treatments. Since they were all healthy, we took them in, sterilized the mom and eventually brought her to the foster home as well.

Sally is very friendly with humans. She enjoys cuddles and likes to be petted. She is a beautiful cat. It took her some days to adjust being inside a house but she feels comfortable now and enjoys warm fluffy beds and big scratching posts. She likes to sleep in higher places. She got used to the other cats living in our foster home and she is playful and happy. She seeks for attention when she wants and will show you when she had enough!

Sally was adopted abroad and in February 2021 she travelled to her forever home. 

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